Our contributions to the NWG Göttingen Meeting 2021

Come to our posters and talks at the Virtual Göttingen Meeting 2021 !!

Symposium on Multisensory Integration by the RTG Multisenses – Multiscales

Gerion Nabbefeld et al.: A visuotactile accumulation of evidence task.
has been selected for our RTG Symposium on Multisenses – Multiscales.

Natalja Ciganok et al: Postnatal development of electrophysiological and morphological properties in Layer 2/3 and Layer 5 pyramidal neurons in the mouse primary visual cortex.
has been selected for the Breaking News Session !!

Elisabeta Balla, Christopher Wiesbrock, et al.: New perceptual channels employed for increased input variability facilitate feature discrimination in mice.

8:46 PM