Optophysiology Project at the INT Marseille

Joint student projects are available in multiphoton imaging of mouse visual cortex at the Department of Neurophysiology (RWTH Aachen) together with the InVibe Lab at the INT Marseille. Out labs focus on information processing in visual cortex. Applying state-of-the-art multiphoton imaging techniques we visualize and identify cortical neurons and measure their responses to visual input.

We are currently looking for motivated students to participate in this collaboration study. The project includes multiphoton imaging experiments in the labs at the INT in Marseille. Assignments are available for a Master Student Research Project that ideally can be continued as a Master Thesis. Intense training in neuroscience and technical expertise will be provided and participation in the vibrant research groups of the institutes is expected. Experience in neurophysiology and fluorescence imaging is an advantage but not required.

For more information please contact
Prof. Björn Kampa
Department of Neurophysiology Institute of Biology II Worringerweg 3
Phone 24840 kampa@bio2.rwth-aachen.de

Optophysiology Project INT